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Artist Liu Baomin lives and works in Beijing, China. He is known for painting unique large scale portraits in which his subjects are depicted in an abstracted way, looking as if they are being seen through a sheet of water or rain. Baomin’s oil paintings, which take months to complete, and are filled with complex lines and forms that are rendered in a hyperrealistic way. The vivid color palette and the distortion of the figure by the water adds a unique complexity to this contemporary painter’s visual vocabulary.What he depicts in his work is an intermediate layer between self and object, an element similar to the visual iconic medium of frosted glass.


Ren Hui was born in 1957 in Nanjing, China. From 1977~1989 he made his living as a poet and was published in various Asian literature magazines.

Since 1989, Ren Hui has focused on the visual arts, creating paper cuts, wood cuts and subsequently, ink on paper and oil on canvas paintings. Aside from solo exhibitions, his works have been featured in galleries and international art fairs in the US, China,Canada, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia andSingapore. His art has been sold worldwide and can be found in many privatecollections, including that of Morgan Stanley Investment Bank. Ren Hui maintains astudio in Songzhuang Artists Village in Beijing, China, and in 2011 established a studioin Ottawa, Canada.



Born in Shandong in 1968, Pang Yongjie is recognized as one of the leading Chinese artists who championed China's "post-contemporary abstract" movement which has been taking place and gaining momentum over the past few years. Pang studied both oil painting and Chinese ink and water painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Shandong Normal University, where he achieved his mastery of expressive color and imagery, evident in the Neo-Expressionism movement, and his refined undisrupted lines and forms, exemplified in classical Chinese abstract painting. He gradually formed his unorthodox abstract figurative painting style in the mid-2000s and is now famous for his voluptuous and playful rendering of fleshy human figures and biomorphic organic forms.

On his work, Cai said "I treat myself as an actor, imaging how people react in their own ways as they are challenged on ideas and social matters. Their exaggerated body movements emphasize their reflection, questioning, independence, self-determination, as well as their hesitance, indifference, avoidance or cowardice. There is the desire to be assimilated into society and to have an influence on it. I want to reflet the contemporary psyche of the Chinese population under this sweeping societal backdrop".

Born in 1981 in Fujian Province. 2002 Graduated from the oil department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.Currently lives and works in Beijing,China.



Wu Jinmei 1966 Born in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province Currently Live in Song Zhuang as a professional artist

Fu Meng 1972 Born in China, Currently Live in Toronto Canada,  as a professional photography artist


Zhang Yingi 1973 Born in TianJin, China  Currently Live in Toronto as a professional artist


Social Documentary Photography

From Shanghai, China, currently living in Toronto, Canada


Xu Ying in 2007 admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts the Mr. Li Shaowen PhD 


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