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Cai Fujun

1974 Born in Tianjin

2000 Graduated from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

2005 Graduated from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Painting graduate classes

2000 Lecturer at the Fine Arts Academy of Normal University Guangxi Autonomous Region




Art works Exhibition of Tianjin, Tianjin


First Songzhuang Art Festival Songzhuang, Beijing

“Consumption Times” Contemporary Art Exhibition Shangri-la Art Center,Beijing


Second Songzhuang Art Festival Songzhuang,Beijing


“Funny Area”Oriental Modern Art Exchange Exhibition Moon River                 Contemporary Art Center, Beijing

“Choice and Inclusive”Promotion of Artists Outpost Gallery,Beijing

“Living in Songzhuang”Contemporary Art Songzhuang Art Museum,Beijing Exhibition

 “Dot and Focus”2007 Contemporary Oil 798 Art Zone,Beijing Paintings         Exhibition

Contemporary Art Circuit Exhibition Shanghai Duolun Museum Of Chinese Songzhuang Huantie Times Art Museum Art Museum at Shenyang Luxun      Academy of Fine Arts Shandong Oriental Modern Art Museum

“In Between”Group Exhibition Shangdong Art Shop,Beijing Of four artists

“Art Beijing” Beijing


“Cross The Space” Contemporary Art Exhibition MJ Art Museum,Korea

“Soul And Body” Mulpa Gallery, 798 Art Zone,Beijing

“North Art” Contemporary Art Exhibition North Art Museum ,Germany

Art Daegu2008 Daegu Korea


“DIFFERENT PLAY” Wellington Gallery Hong Kong

2009The Fifth Cultural&Arts Festival of SongZhuang China Beijing                 SongZhuang

"DIFFERENT PLAY" personal works exhibition Hongkong

Wellington Gallery Songzhuang Artists Community exhibition Beijing

Wansheng Art Museum


The Beijing View contemporary art exhibition in Germany

Chinese contemporary art exhibition in London OPUS ART


" young leaders" new Beijing," Art Award list"

the Chinese contemporary art exhibition Beijing China trade new wave


The new wave of Chinese contemporary art exhibition Beijing China trade   center

The first contemporary art exhibition of guangxi GuangxiNanning Beijing 798           YANG Gallery

The First WEIBO exhibitions of contemporary art Beijing SongZhuang            Museum

“Visit·Liriver” Guangxi experimental art exhibition of teaching research the    first time GuiLin Museum


“Ten Experiment ” Artists exhibition Guangxi Normal University Museum

Imagine the Infinite-Young Artist Program The China Millennium Monument

WE:1994-2013——The 20th Anniversary Collective Exhibition of China         Song Zhuang Artists Beijing SongZhuang Museum

“HONG” exhibitions of contemporary art of China Song Zhuang Artists Tianjin Dagang Museum

Every One For Art The 8th Art And Cultrue Festival Of Songzhuang China     Beijing Shangshang Museum

The First China-Asean Biennale Nanning AICC



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