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Pang Yongjie

Pang Yongjie (1968 -) Shandongdongming person. 1990 graduated from Shandong Normal University Department of Fine Arts. 1991-1993 training the Central Academy of Fine Arts,Currently is a professional artist.




Exhibition for Pang Yongjie and Wang Xiaohui; Prom Gallery; Munich, Germany, Dialogue of volume; Museum of Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing; China,

"Water-Rebuild", Suzhou Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yucun Art Museum, Suzhou, 

Double-Year Exhibition of East Union, Guangxi,China 


“No. 2, China On Going”, Asia Art Pier Gallery, New York

“China Contemporary Sculpture”, Hamburg, Germany

Solo art exhibition, Atelier Spotte Gallery, Germany

“Chinese Style”, Feng Huang Art Museum


Guest exhibition: The City has no Traffic Lights

Opening Exhibition of Enjoy Museum of Art——Pop Surrealism


Contemporary Chinese Art——State of the Tao, Lehman College Art Gallery

Guest on The 1st Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Heilongjiang

Joint exhibition: Made in China ,Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai

Chinese Contemporary Art Nomination Exhibition——Roaming about the East, Contemporary Art Museum of Harbin

Alternative Sculpture Exhibition, Tianjin

Modern and Contemporary Art Show——The Qi Yun of China

Crossover, Sunshine Museum, Songzhuang

New Wave of Chinese Contemporary Art, Library Gallery at California State University


Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Jan Van Der Togt Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Xun Dao: Searching for Spirituality in Contemporary Chinese Art,New York

Guest on Sino-Korean Exhibition——Light From The East

Guest on The Shandong Artists Exhibition, Shandong Art Museum


Arts Fair: Bridge, organized by Beijing Central Art Gallery, New York,U.S.A.;

Returning Cube, Quac Art Space

Roving Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art——Interrelated Horizon,Today Art Museum, Beijing

Group exhibition, VIPs Art Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Made in Songzhuang, Sunshine Museum, Beijing

Joint exhibition of Beijing Lingda Gallery, Beijing

Exhibition Tour of China Songzhuang Contemporary Art, Huan Tie Times Art Museum

Belgium Biennale Exhibition, Belgium

The 11th Shanghai Art Fair, represented by Beijing Central Art Gallery, Beijing, 

“Art Beijing” Fine Art Fair, organized by Beijing Central Art Gallery, Beijing, 


The 1st Contemporary Artists Annual Exhibition, Beijing

The 1st Professional Artists Annual Exhibition, Beijing

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Scenery Exhibition of Asia——New Posture and Feature, Taiwan, China

Exhibition of American Kalo Gallery, Shanghai Art Salon, Shanghai, China

Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art——Chinese Consciousness, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

Guest on Wuhan Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China


Beijing Tokyo Art Project Exhibition——Degenerate Dharma, Tokyo, Japan,

Hong Kong International Art Exhibition—— Hong Kong, China

Solo exhibition: The Great Happiness of Signifiant,798 Space, Beijing

Contemporary Art Exhibition——Under the Sky of Beijing, Beijing

Contemporary Art Exhibition——Pavilion, Beijing

ArtSalonExhibition—— Rain, Beijing

Exhibited in China Today Gallery, Belgium

Exhibited in Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Holland






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