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solo exhibition of Meng Fu

Photography is about people, not about mechanical or digital boxes or tablets. It’s about choices What we and how we choose to photography our world and express our artistic or journalistic point of view.

                                               — Richard Koci Hernandez


In his new photography series Between, Fu Meng continues to examine the changing of space, time and human relationships in the process of urbanization, and their impacts in human life. Radical changes in contemporary society has transformed fundamentally our living environment. The changing of our basic living forms: space, time and human relationships, will eventually influence every individual’s way of living and understanding of the world. By scanning both the space and the time, Fu Meng records daily living spaces. His works present the dimension of the time and the span of the space, to show and represent stereotyped and fomatted spaces in contemporary urban city life, the repeat of time, and the networked human relationships. These works evoke self-reflection of one’s subjectivity — “I” from viewers. “I” lives in space, time and human relationships. The artist wishes viewers to think: Is it forms that change humans? or human change the relationship among forms. 


About the Artist


Fu Meng was attracted to photography nearly thirty years ago when he was still a high school student, he started to learn about photography. Fu has a BFA from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, majored in Art Design; and a MA from Tianjin Normal University, majored in Journalism Education. After graduation, he worked as a photographer for various news media. His published photography works have won many national journalism photography awards. After working in photojournalism for years, Fu Meng began to doubt that photojournalism is only a vehicle of ideology propaganda, which, more than often, has nothing to do with the essence of photography. In 2003, Fu Meng set up his own photography studio, and explored commercial photography for several years. His clients included many prestigious fashion and finance magazines. In 2006, Fu Meng moved to Canada with his family, and has worked as a professional photographer. His vision of art and his vocation of an artist have been dramatically changed and reformed since then. 


Fu Meng held several exhibitions in Toronto, including:


2014, Memory-Image, solo show, IDO Art Gallery, an opening exhibition of 2014 ScotiaBank Contact Photography Festival.

2014, North HWY 7, solo show, IDO Art Gallery.

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